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Engineering Die and Consulting LLC. Provides an array of engineering services to support and identified mission needs and deploy solutions to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations these services include:


        Manufacturing analysis of product lines development a strategic direction in-house versus through a supplier and supply chain


       Manufacturing feasibility studies, logistics, where will you manufacture? How will you manufacture it? We can help make the best decisions in front-end engineering, production plans or industrial process using our EDAC network and Global Manufacturing sources.


      Continues process engineering, custom equipment tooling, fixturing design, automation assembly, sheet metal fabrication, injection molding, welding, aluminum casting and equipment selection specification Global sourcing including China or Mexico.


       Work instructions development, time studies, product standardization, process flow development, conceptual engineering, lean manufacturing 5S, Six sigma, quality assurance and personnel training. 


        Rigging, transportation, crating, packaging, and international plant relocation


        Environmental services include waste removal, recycling, cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting equipment and structures.

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