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My Story

With 44 years of invaluable experience in the manufacturing engineering arena, I have consistently delivered professional services to renowned companies such as MKS/Newport Corporation, BSH, Coleco Corporation, Raytheon, Emerson Electric, Cypress Electronics, and many others. Throughout my career, I have excelled in developing strategic planning initiatives that drive innovative solutions and foster growth.

Having devoted my career to the manufacturing engineering field, I possess a deep understanding of its intricacies and dynamics. This expertise allows me to navigate complex challenges with ease and offer effective solutions tailored to each organization's unique requirements. I pride myself on my ability to identify opportunities for improvement, optimize processes, and enhance operational efficiency.

Throughout my professional journey, I have cultivated a reputation for delivering exceptional results by leveraging my technical knowledge and strategic mindset. I have consistently collaborated with cross-functional teams to implement cutting-edge technologies, streamline production processes, and drive cost savings. By employing forward-thinking methodologies, I have successfully contributed to the achievement of key business objectives and facilitated long-term success for my clients.

I remain committed to staying abreast of industry trends and advancements, ensuring that I continue to provide the highest level of expertise and guidance. My passion for innovation and my dedication to achieving excellence fuel my drive to consistently exceed expectations and make a significant impact in the manufacturing engineering realm.

Overall, my extensive experience, proven track record, and strategic approach to problem-solving make me an ideal partner for organizations seeking to enhance their manufacturing engineering capabilities and achieve sustainable growth.


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